The Revelation

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“After finding the human body; it is your turn to meet with God.”

(Guru Granth Sahib: Page 12, 6)

You come from Nature, live in Nature, and eventually vanish into Nature. Your lifespan goes in earning wealth, fame, peace and happiness. And then, against your will, you die.

Whether a billionaire or a beggar, if someone could escape death, they would not leave the world. In every age, man’s ultimate desire has been to be happy and free and live forever. That, unfortunately, does not happen. Rather than a joyful existence, man lingers in uncertainty and stress and dies in vain. Mankind takes pride to be the supreme species. Yet, one may wonder, are other species not superior to human beings, for at least, they do not have to suffer psychologically? So, is your super-intelligent mind a privilege or a burden on life?

The mind is Nature’s special gift intended to provide a celestial climax to its most wonderful creation. You have been given supreme intellect to live a glorious life, attaining the purpose for which your soul has received the amazing human form.


What then is the purpose?

Know the Truth and seek the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. Sadly, you have taken authority as the truth than Truth as the Authority. Therefore, you remain deprived of the elemental delight of human life. You must realize the Truth to gain everlasting peace and bliss for which Nature has meticulously crafted the human body. Empowered with the mind, this is the only embodiment capable of finding eternal freedom which you must attain in your limited lifespan. 

THE REVELATION is a contemporary description of the Sikh Scripture, Guru Granth Sahib. From Guru Nanak’s insights, it will present the truth of God and Religion and the purpose of human life through science and logic. Disclosing the real meaning of vital virtues such as spirituality, consciousness, prayer, awareness, and health, this book will show the path to a meaningful purpose-driven life. By Guru’s guidance, not only will your living turn into a great experience, you will be granted freedom by unity with God.

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